Pixel Pushas Creative Group was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2014 by Denzel Fleming. He had one question "how can we best serve ourselves and our community at the same time?" 

We provide spaces for the promotion of: opportunities, advertisements, solutions, technology, ideas and happiness for all parties involved. 


We understand there are small business owners who offer amazing products and services which can benefit the Community.

Who Are We?

We engage minds and create solutions for the Community of minority-owned businesses who have great products and services and need to be marketed efficiently.

Our data analytics and advertising solutions strives to provide optimal reach and marketability as we grow to further understand the world around us. It is important in the 21st Century for businesses to keep up with the amount of digital traffic and technological advancements. 

Who is the Community?


The direct Community we serve consists of small business owners who are, depending on their location, the minority in their industry.