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Kinston, NC. Jacksonville, NC.
Charlotte, NC. Greensboro, NC.
Winston-Salem, NC


The tales of an urban legend, "nonotwashington"echoes through North Carolina as Denzel Fleming blazes his path while  becoming the most sought after creative in the areas of performing and visual arts while studying marketing and advertising.


He proudly wears the title of 'big brother' and considers himself a vessel while providing a support system for artists in his community. He finds home at The Artist Bloc, LLC in Greensboro, NC where his name was made greater.


He credits his mother for introducing him to the arts, Mr. Tucker for purchasing his first 'piece,' Mr. Cook for demonstrating the need for patience in artistry and the creative communities of Charlotte and Greensboro, NC for continuing to partner in efforts to beautify the culture of their respective municipalities.

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Director of Creative Services

Denzel "nonotwashington" Fleming


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