• Denzel Fleming

What Does It Feel Like to Arrive?

In the forthcoming posts I will continue to promote a strong individual identity as it is a foundational component to the complete makeup of "us." Whether we are solely unique individuals boundlessly expressing ourselves in a room full of mundane subjects, 'stepping through' in a nice pair of sneakers or speaking up for ourselves in a business meeting to leverage the company as a whole; we have arrived. Arriving feels like knowing you've accomplished what we've needed to in our past time and now we can focus on what is in front of us. It feels like the air on 72 when outside is 93. It feels like "either you're going to be in or out" and deciding to stay in because we've exhausted outside. Arriving feels like collapsing on the cool side of the pill with our socks off. Arriving feels complete. Arriving sounds like a emphatic, yet silent "yes" coming from our workspace because we've closed a sale which started the rest of our lives toward a more comfortable path to success. Arriving sounds like "here it is" when we identify where we are, how we feel and where we are about to go. Arriving sounds like someone had to be told no. Arriving looks like our chest poked out with our arms to the side because it feels good to be in clothes trimmed for us. It looks like smiling at a loved one because they've decided to arrive and be with us. It looks like bicycles gliding on new grass and streetlight flickers. Arriving looks like nighttime. Arriving smells like Christmas Eve. It smells like birthday cake-- tastes like it too. Arriving is knowing we are a gift, we have gifts, we are in the presence of gifts and accepting what is in front of us. Arriving is the constant giving and receiving of life. Arriving is being sold the idea "who I am and who I want to be is the same person." Arriving is saying "We are here."

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